Good Ideas: 004

November 28, 2022

The Importance of Lighting – Three Levels of Improvement

#1 – Easy Change – New Light Bulbs
When a store has relatively good light fixtures, a good new LED bulb can dramatically change the look of the store. Unified color temperature, consistent light levels, and the design flexibility can make the stores products shine.

#2 – Moderate Expense – New Lighting Fixtures
New energy efficient light fixtures with LED bulbs have numerous benefits. Longer life span, low voltage operation, sustainability and improved quality of light can significantly reduce a stores operating expenses. These fixtures are designed to last longer, require less maintenance, and do not give off excess heat or emissions.

#3 – Larger Remodel – Store Face Lift
New fixtures come with improved energy efficiency, integrated technology, and additional lighting features. Not only can you reduce operating costs but new lighting options can showcase the goods inside and make your product pop! Including a few more changes like replacing flooring, painting the walls and introducing new signage can further brighten your store. Creating a new, cohesive look can improve brand recognition as well as highlight your most productive shopping spaces.

Images above are from two different Rouses Supermarket projects.

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