Energy Efficiency Pays

March 5, 2020

Here at storemasters, we value your bottom line and are dedicated to providing energy saving solutions that can be implemented before, during or after a new store or remodel project.  Chad Ott, co-owner of Pewaukee, Wisconsin-based design firm storemasters, says selling clients on the need to invest in more energy-efficient lighting is usually an easy one.

When LED lights first came out, many thought it was too expensive to make the switch. That mindset has since done a 180 — and not just because of energy efficiency.  We work with clients to help them understand that an investment in  LED benefits them in two ways, it reduces costs, and it lights your product better, which increases sales!

But it’s not all just about lighting, follow the link below to learn more about energy efficiencies and give us a call to start a conversation about how storemasters can help you save energy (and money)!

Energy Efficiency Pays Off For Commissaries and Retailers

Credit: Andy Nelson, Supermarket Perimeter 2019



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