Gooseberries Fresh Food Market is not your typical grocery store. Over the years, the Spiegelhoff family had created a niche market in the city of Burlington, Wisconsin. In a city with a population of only about 10,000 people, they needed to enhance the store and create an experience within the store, to help them survive amongst some stiff competition.

The store over the course of years was beginning to look a bit dated. In addition, due to their own successful marketing and food offerings, they created opportunities for sales that the layout did not support.

The first thing we did was determine their strengths. We wanted to find out what made them different. Why customers would drive out to a small store on the outside of town and bypass other newer, larger stores that may have been nearer to them. In the end, it was all about the foodie experience, and quite frankly, exceptional customer service.

Realizing that Gooseberries wasn’t going to be the customers destination for all their non-perishable needs, we focused on why they would want to go there. Exceptional produce; front and center. A specialty floral department integrated into produce. A wine and spirits section that is an experience of its own. As you pass into the interior section of the store, the service departments and foodservice function really shine. Now you can have a signature sandwich and a craft beer on premise, in a comfortable modern seating area.

The store has become a food destination for any daypart. You can learn about new things, sample new foods and spirits. If food is your adventure, Gooseberries should be your next stop.

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