Albrecht’s Delafield Market

The Albrecht’s family was looking for ways to freshen up their successful single store operation at the Shoppe’s of Nagawaukee Center in Delafield, Wisconsin. Over the years, Albrecht’s Sentry was well-known for its produce, meat department and wine and liquor selection. An influx of new competition within the area was nipping at their heels. They knew they needed to take action. They contacted our company to determine a plan for the future.

Like most projects, where you remodel within the existing 4 walls, we went about determining their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we needed to determine where there was potential for sales growth.

A plan and construction schedule were established for a full-store remodel. Produce was remodeled with an eye on merchandising and ease of shopping. Service deli and bakery were modernized through choice of cases and fixtures. A very visible significant food island was created to show off their cheese offerings. It also provided room for sushi and hot foods to be added to their services. Meat, Seafood and Dairy were all enhanced through modern case choices and finishes.

Big changes happened in their wine and spirits department. An adjacent floral department was under-performing and took up too much valuable area. This area was claimed for the expanded liquor department and floral was moved out into the more visible grocery area. As a result, it now flourishes. As does their wine and spirits department.

Lastly, we created a much-needed café seating area at the front of the store. It provides a comfortable place for the customer to dine in, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Albrecht’s sales reflect these changes. Their strong store is once again dominant in their market. The future is bright for Albrecht’s Delafield Market.

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