Jackson Whole Grocer

Jeff Rice owned a successful small natural and organic grocery store in Jackson, Wyoming. Although mainstream grocers were abundant in Jackson, Jeff’s store “Jackson Whole Grocer” found a niche in the market and was able to thrive. Over the years, rumors flourished that other big name natural and organic grocers were coming to town. Jeff dreamed about a way to pre-empt their plans. Suffice it to say, Jeff had a vision for what he wanted his new store to be. He just didn’t have a way to accomplish the vision.

Jeff purchased a property near his existing location. The building had been a home improvement center and lumber yard. There was nothing significant about the building other than its post and frame structure. Jeff hired an architect to help create a stunning building to house his new store. He hired us to help him create the amazing store he intended to build.

Jackson Whole Grocer is all about amazing, healthy food. JWG’s service departments rival any well-known competitor. The product offerings are first and foremost as you shop the store. If you choose to eat on premise, the café seating area has a thirty-foot-tall fireplace made from local stone.

Jackson Whole Grocer is an example of pushing the limits. Reclaimed materials, modern technologies, cutting edge style, all blended together to enhance the customer experience. In the end, choosing the right design partner may have been Jeff’s best decision.

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