Metcalfe’s Wauwatosa

Metcalfe’s Markets started back in 1917. Over the years, they have carved out a name for their stores in the Madison market and in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Metcalfe’s stores are all about the food they offer and the experience for the customer.

Kevin Metcalfe contacted us about their Wauwatosa store. Their store was experiencing declining sales. Their nearby competitors had undergone recent remodels and the word was out that a new high-end competitor was coming to town. Kevin indicated that the store was due for a face-lift.

Extensive planning was under-taken. Specific functions within the store needed to be enhanced. A theme for the look of the store was determined to be “Genuine Milwaukee” with an industrial vibe. Systematically, the store was remodeled throughout. Repurposed materials, machined steel and reclaimed cream city brick all play a part in the interior redesign. The existing flooring was removed, and the new ground and polished concrete floor tells a story in and of itself. There is an extensive use of exposed neon signage throughout the store. This provides an eclectic canvas for the various materials utilized.

Part of the re-branding was to identify the store as “Metcalfe’s – in the Village”. The residents of the Village of Wauwatosa fondly refer to their city in this manner. Given the fact that Metcalfe’s is in the heart of the village, it was felt that the adding of the phrase “in the village” strengthens the store’s position within the community. A custom wall sculpture reinforcing this relationship is found in the vestibule entry.

A second phase of this project was a very successful exterior remodel of the building. This took the store exterior from a pleasant 80’s look, to a clean and modern architectural gem. Yet another project that we had the pleasure of being a part of.  Metcalfe’s has lasted the test of time, precisely due to its ability to give its public what it wants.  They are a great company with many years to look forward to.

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