Sunnyway Chambersburg

Located in Chambersburg Pennsylvania, this family owned market was our second big project with Sunnyway Foods.  This particular store has always been owned and operated by the Martin’s Family.  Built in 1973 the Sunnyway Food brand has become a local tradition that focuses on the community and always goes above and beyond for its patrons.  This remodel is just one of those efforts that shows how much Sunnyway Foods give back.  The project really is a testament to putting your best foot forward.  The patrons get a revived market with all the history and local tradition wrapped into one.

This project started with a façade makeover focusing on a more modern look with an emphasis on entrance and signage, the exterior conversion transformed the store quite well.  The second phase was a significant interior remodel including new equipment upgrades and a complete interior design update that brought the store into a timeless and modern look.  StoreMasters created the exterior architectural updates, redesign of the interior, space planning, project budgeting, decor, equipment procurement and project management.  StoreMasters appreciates the relationship with Sunnyway Foods and enjoys being such an integral part of the project.

Congratulations Sunnyway Chambersburg, your store looks amazing!

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