Maurer’s Urban Market

We were contacted by Jeff and Kristie Maurer, a dynamic father daughter partnership with multiple grocery stores in Wisconsin. We’ve had the good fortune to have worked with them on numerous projects over the years and were excited to hear more about their opportunity.

They had been contacted by Northwestern Mutual’s real estate development company which had just finished building their flagship residence tower in downtown Milwaukee. The building has 35 floors made up of luxury apartments and one 10,000 square foot retail space. The development company was looking for a progressive grocer to run a small footprint, full-service grocery store.

Maurer’s decided to proceed. We were hired and instructed to create a unique shopping experience with an emphasis towards food service. In addition, the concept would be based upon full-service deli, meat and seafood departments. The business model for the store was for it not to directly to compete with other big box retailers. Given its urban setting and dense population, it was positioned to service local patrons who would shop there frequently. The project was named “Maurer’s Urban Market”.

Challenges were numerous. Several of the biggest hurdles were, designing a grocery store in a space where there was floor to ceiling windows on three of the perimeter walls. Receiving and installing full size grocery cases in a space without a loading dock. Lastly, the issues with integrating a grocery store environment into a modern building that was not designed to have a grocery store within it.

In the end, the project came together quite well. By working closely with the owners, we designed and built a store that fits the urban setting. We took advantage of the abundance of windows and created exciting service venues that allow the Maurer’s products to shine.

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